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HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- She doesn't want to be identified, except by her nickname "Sze," and she has a secret past.Her father doesn't know what she did as a 16-year-old, and she hopes he never finds out.Others also unknowingly had their interactions filmed, which the “client” would then threaten to post on their Facebook page or even print photos and put them up around their school, Lee said.“Teenagers nowadays report their whereabouts and daily routines on the internet, making them very easy to trace,” Lee said.She said her parents wouldn’t buy her a new one, so she thought she could earn some fast money with paid sex. When the money from the first compensated date didn’t cover the cost for the new phone, she went on a second paid date.

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The man, Ting Kai-Tai, killed the teenager, dismembered her body and flushed the remains down the toilet.

They are from all levels of socioeconomic classes, he said…

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“They often think of themselves as entrepreneurs ... “But they overestimate their ability to control the situation.

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