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Stardust Crusaders did drag a bit in the beginning, but it probably has my favorite cast of characters and Jotaro is probably my favorite Jojo so far.Also, some of the battles such as Oingo and Boingo and, of course, "The World" were really well thought out.SO, I figured I’d rank the 8 Jo Jos we have had so far. So ranking someone at number 8 does not mean I have a distaste for that Jo Jo or for that part of the story.Also, spoiler warning: if you haven’t read the manga or watched the series (and you plan on doing so) I wouldn’t recommend reading this, lest you throw your computer/tablet/phone at the wall in rage. Landing at the bottom of the Jo Jo pyramid is Part 8’s Josuke Hikgashikata.He left flowers for Jo Jo during Ben Higgins’ season of the show and then went to tabloids saying that he got back together with her after was over.Actually, Jo Jo says that this is not true at all, and she never got back together with Chad.The simple plot of Jo Jolion and Josuke’s amnesia do leave the story quite open for development but at the same time it often leaves a lot to be desired.Which part is the most unique in the entire series or interesting?

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regenerates every so often, each story arc/anime season of Hirohiko Araki’s now iconic series receives a new protagonist, nicknamed Jo Jo, normally linked to the Joestar bloodline, indicated by a star-shaped birthmark.

On the other hand, Diamond is Unbreakable has easily the best villain I've seen in the series, yet. 1 = 6 Part 1 was a "learning" stage of araki and bored in certain aspects (i stopped reading like 3 months), consolidated and improved in part 2 (joseph is the best jojo).

"Does anyone else have the feeling that J-Kwon, at "nineteen year old" probably signed a contract which wasn't overly lucrative? In fact, his contract probably pays him just enough so that he doesn't have to sleep in the white castle anymore." "J-Kwon, why do you fight your baby's mother? He had to run out out of the house with no shoes on to get away from him.

If you have those people that you trust, go ahead and fall back into them and let them be your hammock and cocoon and let them embrace you. I have to say, I fight against those feelings all year.

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I actually played a boy when I was six in 'Tommy.' I played Tommy and they put a wig on me. But I try not to let myself sit in a rut like that.

) Did you tell me You would never leave me this way?