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BEDFORDSHIRE PARISH REGISTERS VI SANDY UTTLE BARFORD UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIBRARIES STORAGE BS DFORDSHIRE PARISH REGISTERS ii 75 copies of Volume VI have been produced * of •which this is No. Among Sandy family names persisting throughout most of our period, we may note; (1540-1812), Blaine (1615-1809), Bromsall (1538-1801), Cannon (1625-1306), Christmas (1557-1807), Ethropp (1539-1791), Freeman (1547-1812), King (1550-1811), Pope (1539-1808), Skilleter (1547-1812), Spring (1539-1812), Stanton (1548-1812), Sutton (1540-1812), Tilcock (1579-1812), Underwood (1539- 1812), Whitfield (1576-1812) and Vortley (1582-1786). 3 Alice d Pm Foskctt 0C21 Ann d Jn Spencer, esquire j;,29 Eliz d Edw Gerey J A small tear occurs here.REGISTERS ALREADY INCLUDED IN THIS SERIES Date of issue Barford, Great, 1559-1812 (Vol. Of these, Skilleter and Ethropp (from Eythrope, a hamlet in Buckinghamshire) can be claimed specially by Sandy, for they are rarely found elsewhere in the county. SANDY BAPTISMS : 1583-1589 1583 UB23 Eliz d Urn Lewes 1586 SE12 Jn s Alice Key [ctd.] DE28 Wins Jn Browne [ctd.] SE12 Mary d Jn Reynolds .

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